PlantEd – COST Action CA18111 – Genome editing in plants

Training Schools

In this Grant Period of the Action (May 2019 to April 2020), there are two Training Schools. The first, which took place in Brussels in the end of January 2020, is within the scope of Action Working Group 3 – Policies and regulations, whereas the second, which will take place in late March 2020 is within the scope of Action Working Group 1 – Technical platforms.

The first Training School of our COST Action, on the WG3-related topic Regulatory Options for genome-edited plants and their derived products, was successfully held in Brussels on 27-29 January 2020. It had in total of 24 trainees. See announcement here.

The second Training School will take place in Quelinburg, Germany, and be technically oriented including hands-on experimental work with genome editing in plants. See announcement here.