PlantEd – COST Action CA18111 – Genome editing in plants

Working Groups

WG1 – Technical Platforms

Working Group 1 will 1) assess and validate the actual and potential capacities and output within existing technical platforms applying genome editing in plant research …

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WG2 – Impact Assessment

Working Group 2 will map the current and potential impact on plant research and breeding, in terms of 1) utility of this technology and novel …

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WG3 – Policies and Regulations

Working Group 3 will 1) evaluate the approach to plant genome editing and the resulting products in the EU legislation as well as in other …

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WG4 – Perceptions and Opinions

Working Group 4 will collect and analyse surveys performed among various stakeholder groups as well as the public in many European countries and beyond, in …

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WG5 – Integration and Communication

Working Group 5 will integrate all data provided in WG1-4 and develop a number of communication tools as specified above in deliverables. This will build …

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