PlantEd – COST Action CA18111 – Genome editing in plants

WG3 – Policies and Regulations

Working Group 3 will 1) evaluate the approach to plant genome editing and the resulting products in the EU legislation as well as in other COST countries and also within international biosafety frameworks such as the CBD/Cartagena protocol, 2) compare the regulatory approach to genome editing in the EU with that of other countries that have already taken steps towards regulatory clarity on the products resulting from these techniques, and 3) monitor the emerging patent landscape associated with the tools for genome editing and evaluate its relevance for plant breeding including the inter-relationship between other types of plant variety protection such as plant breeder´s rights. Whenever deemed necessary, details for alternative regulatory approaches will be developed and put forward for discussion with stakeholders and policy makers.

WG3 leader: Prof Jale Tosun,

WG3 vice leader: Dr Patrick Rüdelsheim,