PlantEd – COST Action CA18111 – Genome editing in plants

PlantEd online lecture series

PlantEd is organising an online lecture series on genome editing in plants, with many high-profile speakers. The series, which is organised by PlantEd WG1 leaders Dr Goetz Hensel ( and Dr Katrijn Van Laere ( will continue regularly until the end of 2022 and be organised via Zoom. A separate announcement will be sent out to the PlantEd network before each event, and also updated here on the website and posted on the PlantEd Twitter (@COST_PlantEd) and LinkedIn accounts.


May 25, 2022 – 4 PM CEST

Prof. Caixia Gao, Intitute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Prof. Holger Puchta, Botanical Institute, Karlruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Here is the announcement for the first lecture, incl an introduction to the speakers together with registration link: announcement May 25_final


June 29, 2022 – 4 PM CEST

Prof. Yiping Qi, Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, University of Maryland, College Park, USA – Boosting plant genome editing with a versatile CRISPR-combo system

Prof. Avraham A. Levy, Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Israel – What determines genome editing efficiency: break or repair?


August 31, 2022 – 4 PM CEST

Prof. Jose Antonio Daros, Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Plantas (IBMCP), Plant Virus Biotechnology lab, Spain

Dr. Azka Noureen, The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK


September 28, 2022 – 4 PM CEST

Prof. Jochen Kumlehn, Division of Cell Biology and Biotechnology, Research group Plant Reproductive Biology, IPK Gatersleben, Germany

Prof. Yinong Yang, Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, USA


October 26, 2022 – 4 PM CEST

Prof. Dan Voytas, Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development, Center for Precision Plant Genomics, University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Concetta Licciardello, Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria (CREA), Centro di ricerca Olivicoltura Frutticoltura Agrumicoltura (OFA), Italy


November 30, 2022 – 4 PM CEST

Prof. Neal Steward, Centre of Agricultural Synthetic Biology, University of Tennessee, USA

Dr. Sadiye Hayta, John Innes Centre, UK

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