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PlantEd online lecture series continues

Following last year´s success, we now continue with the PlantEd online lecture series on genome editing in plants with high-profile speakers. The series is organised by PlantEd WG1 leaders Dr Goetz Hensel ( and Dr Katrijn Van Laere ( and will continue regularly until the summer. It will be organised via Zoom. A separate announcement will be sent out to the PlantEd network before each event and also updated here on the website.

Here you can read about the 2022 online lectures.


Next webinar:

January 25, 2023 – 4 PM CET

Dr. Fred Van Ex, Inari Agriculture, Belgium. Title: Accelerated crop improvement in maize and soy through application of Inari´s SEEDesign platform.

Prof. Jens Boch, Institute of Plant Genetics, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. Title: TALEs, TALEN and TALE-base editors in plant genome editing.

Here is the announcement for the 1st event in 2023, incl an introduction to the speakers together with registration link: announcement January 2023


2023 programme:


February 22, 2023 – 4 PM CET

Dr. Olivier March, Tropic Bioscience, Norwich, UK – From technology to product: considerations of implementing cutting edge genome editing technologies for product development in crops.

Speaker 2 – TBA


March 29, 2023 – 4 PM CET

Dr. Juan M Debernardi, UC Davis, Dept. of Plant Sciences, USA.

Dr. Pierre-François Perroud, INRAE, France – Exploring Prime Editing in the model plant Physcomitrium patens.


April 26, 2023 – 4 PM CET

Dr. Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid, Austrian Academy of sciences, Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI), Austria.

Dr. Christian Lorenzo, VIB, Ugent Center for Plant Systems Biology, Belgium.


May 31, 2023 – 4 PM CET

Dr. Mark Smedley, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.

Speaker 2 – TBA


June 28, 2023 – 4 PM CET

Dr. Petra Jorasch, Euroseeds, Belgium

Speaker 2 – TBA


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