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Outcome of the council meeting

Post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform package: strategic plans.

In public session the Council exchanged views on the CAP reform package, with a specific focus on the proposed “new delivery model” within the draft regulation on CAP strategic plans.

The debate was based on a presidency background document inviting ministers to answer questions on the frequency of milestones and performance review, and on unit amounts for non-area/animalbased interventions.

On the issue of frequency, the majority of delegations expressed misgivings on annual milestones and preferred either biennial milestones, or the possibility to set milestones only in the middle and at the end of the implementation period. Only a few delegations agreed with an annual milestones and annual performance review, as proposed by the Commission.

Ministers generally supported a “progressive” approach, under which higher deviations from planned milestones would be accepted at the beginning of the implementation period and would decrease over time. Some requested increasing the tolerance margin to 35% or more during the whole period and having the flexibility to adapt milestones.

On the issue of unit amounts for non-area/animal-related payments, the vast majority of delegations considered that unit amounts would represent a serious challenge and they therefore agreed that more flexibility was necessary to avoid the burden of setting those amounts, justifying deviations and risking payment suspensions.

Ministers also took the opportunity to reiterate some of their concerns, for instance on the 15/02 deadline for the annual performance report, the need for appropriate CAP funding, and the need to ensure simplification of the CAP.

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